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Tips to stay on track when eating out!

20th February 2016

‘Finding the balance’ is a phase used a lot at the moment in the health and fitness industry. But in order for your ‘diet’ to work long term, it needs to be a part of your lifestyle.

Below I share my top tips for staying on track whilst eating out.... So the only stressing you have to do before you go is about what outfit to wear!

  1. Look online….

    So I actually really enjoy looking at a restaurant menu’s (maybe that’s a little strange!) But when you’re going to eat, have a look what they offer before you go. I’m not saying you have to make a final decision, but try narrowing your choices down a little. Everyone has been in that situation where the waiter comes really quickly and you’re forced into making a decision... Be prepared!

  2. Don’t go hungry…

    So you thought…. I’m having a meal out so I’ll not eat much in the day. This can prove problematic though when it comes to ordering off the menu; it’s the same as food shopping. Countless studies have shown that when we’re hungry we always buy more than we need or intend to. Same points apply when we’re out for dinner. When we’re hungry, that garlic bread for starters will begin to seem much more tempting.

  3. Think protein and veg….

    You can’t really go wrong with making a choice of protein and loading up on a green salad or veg. Steak would be my number one choice depending on what type of restaurant I went to. I also love chunky sweet potato wedges, as long as I know they’re baked and not fried.

  4. Beware of the oils and sauces….

I touched on this in my last point; it’s ok to ask questions to the waiter. I get that this sometimes can be a bit daunting, especially in a big group. But you don’t want your meal unnecessarily swimming in oil or to be smothered in a creamy sauce. Try asking for any sauces or dressings on the side, that way you can make the choice yourself how much of it to have.

   5. The dreaded alcohol….

Not only does alcohol contain lots and lots of ‘empty’ calories, but after one sip and our willpower seems to plummet. It’s unrealistic for every time you go out not to drink, but try having a jug of water on your table. By doing this you can try to alternate a glass of water with an alcoholic drink… You’ll also thank yourself in the morning for it too!

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