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The wonder of zoats...

11th June 2016

For anyone wondering what 'zoats' are, it is basically a mix of courgette (zucchini) and oats... 

Yes, I admit it did take me a while to catch on to the whole 'zoats' vibe. I was extremely sceptical about why anyone would choose to ruin a perfectly lovely bowl of sweet oats by adding a vegetable! Now though, I'm obsessed! I promise, you can not taste the courgette at all AND the bowl almost doubles in volume. Plus you have the added bonus of getting in some extra green veg! Here's how to make this bowl of goodness a winner all round....


50g Oats

1/2 Courgette (grated finely)

200/400g water/ milk (depending on desired thickness)

1 scoop Whey protein

Sweetener (optional)

Simply mix the oats, grated courgette, water/milk and sweetener into a bowl and microwave for 2 minutes. Remove bowl, stir, add the scoop of whey protein and stir again until you have a smooth consistency.


Top top: Add any topping you fancy! I love berries, nut butters and a few squares of dark chocolate.

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