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Sweet little omelette

24th March 2016

This sweet omelette may not look that pretty, but for a very saintly sweet treat that contains 25g protein, less than 5g carbs and totalling only 250 calories.... I assure you it's a winning, go to, speedy snack at any time of the day!


200g egg whites

5g coconut oil

30g blueberries

15g almond butter

Myprotein toffee flavdrops

Add the coconut oil to a medium sized plan on a low heat. In a bowl, mix the egg whites and flavdrops together and pour into the pan. After a couple of minutes, put the pan under the grill for the the omelette to cook through. Finally add the toppings of blueberries and almond butter.... Enjoy!

Top tip... I like to add a dash of cinamon and nutmeg.

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