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Q&A... Part 2!

27th May 2016

As there was such a massive response from you after my post on the Q&A at the girlpower seminar… I thought I’d do another!

So it was over to you!

Thank you to everyone who asked a question through my Instagram and Snapchat!

Here are some of the ones I selected from the things you guys wanted answering….

What do you eat for breakfast?

This totally depends if I go for a weight training session early in the morning. If I do, I have a meal of protein and carbs like chicken and sweet potato post workout. If not, I try and stick to a meal consisting of protein and fats like salmon, avocado and greens.

Any tips on starting to prep for a bikini competition?

I believe investing in a good coach is vital when entering a first competition. You must make sure you do your research first! I would also suggest looking into what federation/ category your body is suited to. Maybe go and watch a few different shows first to get a feel for how they are run. The most important point to consider though is not to expect miracles in a 12-16 week prep. It takes a lot longer of consistent training, dedication and following a diet plan over time to transform your body.

What cardio do you do?

At the moment I love short burst of HIIT. I do 10-12 minutes normally after weight training. Although I vary the rest periods, a typical session would consist of bike sprints; 20 seconds max effort, 40 seconds steady. I would repeat this around 10 times. When I was prepping for a competition though, I enjoyed LISS more as I was lower in energy. This was usually on the stair master for around 40 minutes per day.

What would you recommend for a boast of energy before a session?

About an hour before a weights session I eat a meal containing protein and fats. I actually find eating carbs pre training makes me feel lethargic. I never really use pre workout but to give me an extra little boast I drink coffee.

What mascara do you use?

I get asked this a lot because I have very long eyelashes! I swear by Shu Uemura eyelash curlers and MAC extreme dimension mascara.

What is your favourite ‘cheat’ meal?

Depending on whether I fancy something sweet or savoury, I’d either go for pizza or a cupcake. After a competition I tend to indulge in both! Most of the time though I just prefer a big bowl of oats with lots of delicious toppings. I know that’s not very exciting!

How do you curb sweet cravings?

I love different flavoured teas. I have a massive collection in my house and make one in the evening if I’m craving something sweet. I’m a big believer in listening to your body though; it might be because you’re actually hungry! Try mixing a few squares of dark chocolate and a handful of berries with a small pot of greek yogurt. This normally kills any cravings off for me.

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