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Project Happiness

19th January 2016

I bought a book a while ago entitled ‘How to be happy’. After the first chapter I stopped reading it. I thought it was a load of made up fairy tale babble that wasn’t achievable in the real world. Recently though, I started reading the same book again. But this time, with a different perspective and a fresh outlook on life. I now understand that having a positive mind set is one of the most important factors in changing your life for the better. 

Below are lessons I've learnt along the way in my journey to find happiness….

Scales only measure on thing…..

Yep that is weight loss.You may think losing a few pounds, ‘toning up’ and getting abs that will make you happy. Yes, it might make you more motivated and grow in confidence but will it actually make you happy in the long term?

Love yourself…

If someone said to me ‘love yourself’ when I was racked with insecurities, like in the image above. I wouldn’t have listened. But I wish now someone gave me advice like that. There is absolutely no point in sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. Take small steps each day and take action! If you haven’t read my post, ‘How to stop doing shit you hate’, I share what steps I made and how I took control of my life to make positive changes.

Put yourself first…

It’s not being selfish to say ‘I need time for me’. Do things YOU enjoy. It might be catching up with a friend, joining a social group, taking an exercise class, learning a new skill or reading a good book. Take a moment for you in the day to breathe, refresh and de-stress.

Be real, not perfect…

Reality check… No one is perfect; you may not feel fabulous every single day. That’s ok, cut yourself some slack! Whilst it’s great to strive for progress, don’t chase perfection. It’s unachievable and absolutely not a healthy way of thinking. Next time you look in the mirror, try picking out at least 3 things you like about yourself before saying what you would like to improve.

Lastly, always remember that no one is you, and that is your power….

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