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It's ok not to be ok...

29th July 2016

Social media is full of inspiring images ranging from exotic holiday snaps to delicious food pictures and enviable hot bods.

I admit, I do get inspired by those I follow too. I believe that Instagram is a mainly positive platform but it is easy to get deluded into thinking that the people we follow must be motivated in everything they do, every single day.

I was prompted to write this post because I’ve felt demotivated myself recently, and I know many others friends in fitness have felt the same.

After winning my last bikini competition at the English Grand Prix I’ve had many moments when I slacked on my diet and didn’t particularly enjoy training. I had days when I felt down for no reason whilst also doubting myself many times and considered whether I even wanted to continue competing any more.

What confused me is everything in my life was going so well, I should feel the most motivated ever to be prepping for my biggest competition to date right…?

Regardless of competing, we all put so much pressure on ourselves to feel and be amazing all the time. That could be in our work place, attitudes, food choices…the list goes on.

Sometimes we need a reality check and to just cut ourselves some slack!

It’s ok not to feel ok sometimes

Obviously if your mood is consistently low for a period of time, that is a more serious issue and there may be other factors involved.

I used to suffer from terrible lows. However, what has now changed is my mindset on those days. Now, if I feel a certain way for a day or even two, I also know that it will pass. Having that thought alone is a much more positive way of thinking.

I can give you my top tips of what I do to combat negative thoughts such as; distracting myself, getting outside, re focusing on my goals and listening to music. But everyone has different ways of getting their head out of a dark cloud.

Remember there doesn’t have to be a specific reason not to feel fabulous, it’s normal. Accept it, and ride out the wave…

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