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How To Get Your GLOW Back

28th December 2016

Breakouts, puffiness, slightly bloodshot eyes…

I bet I’m not the only one who can relate to these symptoms after the festive fun.

In Day 3 of my blogging series, ‘Getting Back On Track’, I’m sharing my top tips of how to get your ‘GLOW’ back!


Yes you guessed it, most of my top tips for anything start with WATER. If the thought of chugging water just aint your thang, well go wild and pop in some lemon, berries and mint leaves too to jazz it up!

2.Take it off & RELAX

The most important part of the recovery process for our skin each day is sleep. But spending time taking our makeup off properly is also pretty essential too. I’ve noticed a massive difference in my skin the morning after if I cleanse and moisturise. Up until recently, I’ve been guilty of just using a wipe to remover my makeup too.

For an extra pamper session, try relaxing with pieces of cucumber over your eyes for a brighter appearance the next day.

3. Eat FAT.

I think we’re all aware now at the end of 2016 that some fats are A-MAZING for us. For glowing skin and sparkling eyes, try eating avocadoes, nuts, oily fish, eggs and coconut oil.


Glowing skin comes from within. Have you noticed if a person is really happy they ooze radiance? Take time for you occasionally, make yourself a priority and remember to do things that make YOU happy.

5.Fake it.

I love using my favourite makeup essentials to ‘fake’ it! I use a dewy foundation (NARS Sheer glow) and a highlighter on my cheekbones (Benefit Highbeam) to create that glowing look. I also swear by ‘Eye Bright’ (Benefit). I use this in the corner of my eyes, brow bone and waterline for fresh looking peepers.

Make sure you connect with me on my Instagram page @Sophie_aris. I would love to know your personal tips too!

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