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How To Become A Morning Person

23rd November 2016

There was a time, not too long ago, where I had to get up at 4.30am to get my training in before work every day. I say ‘had to’, but actually, I didn’t have to at all. No one was forcing me to do it, but I knew myself I wanted to do it because I had an end goal in mind.

In my opinion, that shift in your own mindset is key to becoming a ‘morning person’.

The moment you start turning the ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can’, I promise you, it will become a whole lot easier.

Here are my other handy top tips for making sure you get a workout in first thing, or just to give you a little bit of extra motivation to help you kick off your day!

1. Organise everything

I’m talking military style! This includes all your gym bag, including clothes for after training, any toiletries, a towel etc. I found it easier when I was short of time to also put them in some kind of order too. Also, try laying out your gym clothes and put your trainers by the front door.

2. What are you eating?

Make your pre/post workout meal the night before. I tend to grab a quick protein shake and nuts before training, or even just a coffee. Making a tasty post training meal though gives me that extra little push if I’m needing it. I love speedy ‘overnight oats’! I’ll make sure I include a recipe for this soon, but basically it’s just normal dry oats soaked in either water or milk with a protein powder. To make them extra thick and yummy, try mashing up a banana or adding berries. It’s almost like a pudding in the morning and also delicious cold!

3. Plan your workout

Go in with a game plan! I love looking online at sites like Bodybuilding.com or my favourite YouTube channels to get inspiration for my training sessions. If you know you’ll need a boost, try booking yourself onto a class or get a girlfriend to join you.

4. Relax the night before

I know this may be easier said than done, but try to unwind. Disconnect from social media around an hour before bed. Scrolling through your phone is not going to make you relax! Try reading a book/ magazine, have a bath and get an early night.

5. Set your alarm & get up!

So many studies have shown that pressing the ‘snooze’ button actually makes your feel more tired. I know this may sound cheesy, but when setting your alarm, try writing yourself a short note or a few words that will make you smile. Starting the day in a positive mindset is vital. You are going to have a good day and you can do it!

In summary, the key to becoming a morning person is all about PREPARATION and CONSISTENCY.

The old chestnut saying of ‘failing to prepare, prepare to fail’ is so true, especially if you are limited on time first thing. Making it part of your routine on a consistent basis is also going to help you succeed!

Hope you found some of the tips useful!

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