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How To Achieve Your New Year Goals

30th December 2016

New year, new goals, new me....

Yes it's that time of the year again when we all reflect on the year gone by. Most of us have goals in mind, but unfortunately many of those tend to become a distant memory come February.

Here's some of my tips about how to get to  achieve what you set out to do in 2017!

Write it down.

Be specific with the goals you’re making. Like I said on an IG post this morning, having your only focus six months away is not going to keep you particularly on track every day. Try making small daily/ weekly targets instead to keep you on track.

Make a plan.

Keep yourself accountable. Consider what steps are you going to make to help you achieve your goals.

Be an individual.

Social media is a great way to stay focused and seek inspiration. But don’t feel like your goal has to relate to the newest ‘in’ thing.

You vs you.

Leading on from the last point, try not to compare yourself to others. We can often read into a particular picture or caption on Instagram or Facebook. The simple fact is the we rarely want to share publically when we feel rubbish, de-motivated or have a bad hair day. Remember no one looks and feels amazing every single day.

You may have setbacks.

….And that’s ok. The most important thing is getting yourself back on track.

You've got this guys, here's to an amazing 2017 and YOUR best year yet!

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