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Health & happiness

19th March 2016

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Throughout my own fitness journey there as always been one overarching goal: to find a balance of health and happiness. I have always strived to advocate and uphold this key message through The Way to Glow community and my personal social media outlets.

But what do I mean by this?

Some may disagree but I am a firm believer that you cannot be truly ‘healthy’ if you’re not happy.

I’ve come to realise, especially during the last few months, that mind set plays a key role not only how we feel on the inside but our physical appearance too. Training your mind to think positively should be as important as your training sessions in the gym!

What’s important to remember is that social media is only a tiny insight into a person’s day. Nearing one of my competitions last year, I may have looked ‘healthy’, but I wasn’t. People often commented on how tired I looked, I was obsessed with how ‘lean’ I was and I started to crave junk food which I had never done before. Mentally and physically I felt low at a number of stages.

It has been highlighted time and time again that making changes to our bodies by losing weight and changing our hair colour will not alone make us happier. In some cases it only serves to bring out more insecurity.

You have to get your shit together first!

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t strive to achieve your goals and feel content with the way you look. But believing that losing an extra 5% body fat is going to make you feel happier is unfortunately not going to happen.

So here are my own tips you can try to change your mind set to focus on both your happiness and health….

  1. It’s going to be a good day…

    Even if you have woken up having eaten a big pizza the night before, or missed your workout yesterday…. thankfully today is a new day! This will be the day you make steps towards your goal and start to feel like the best you. Be positive and it will happen!

  2. Be grateful…

    Gratitude is a major thing in feeling happy. Appreciate the little things. We get told this all the time, but being grateful for what you do have will make you feel more content , have a natural glow and a healthier mind..

  3. Meditation…

When you find yourself overthinking or worrying, stop and meditate. This sounds quite hippy, but I assure you it’s not! Try just focusing on your breath. Count 5 seconds on the inhale, 5 seconds exhale. If you feel stressed frequently, I would recommend yoga and Epsom salt baths. 

4.  You are what you eat…

Of course I’m not saying don’t go out and socialise and eat the odd bit of chocolate. That won’t lead to a healthy state of mind. However making conscious choices about being kind and caring to your body is just as important as exercising. Choosing to eat balanced, nourishing meals rather than a daily takeaway will make you feel better inside as well as out.

5. Train yourself happy…

Exercise is always a winner in improving our mood. It increases our brains dopamine production (the happy chemical), it makes us less stressed and anxious, as well as improving our physical appearance. Exercising, in whatever form you choose, always has amazing benefits for your health and overall happiness

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