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Health & Fitness Myths Busted!

25th January 2016

Whether we’re told on social media, television or in magazines, there are so many health and fitness fibs out there. Here are my five top myths and misconceptions busted!

  1. Cardio

    Whilst it’s very important to keep active, lots of low intensity, steady state cardio (LISS) can actually be detrimental for weight loss. By over doing cardio, it can lead to increased levels of cortisol in the body, otherwise known as the ‘stress’ hormone. This can actually cause weight GAIN! Also if you’re ploughing away for hours on the treadmill, you can also kiss buh-bye to any kind of ‘gains’ of lean muscle mass to create a ‘toned’ look. Take inspiration from sprinters instead of marathon runners; try doing short, sharp bursts of intervals at the end of your workout.

  2. Diet protein

    It is widely recognised by supplement companies that whey protein scares women, especially if it’s in a very masculine looking tub. So the brands came up with a new type of protein, virtually the same except they whack a pink label on it and call it ‘Diet whey’. My tip, don’t be fooled by a pretty, more feminine label.

  3. IIFYM

    This one might prove controversial, as for some people the ‘if it fits your macros’ diet works for them. For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, it is all the rage with lots of fitness folk at the moment. It involves being able to eat anything at all, as long as it fits into your daily allowance of carbs, fats and protein. For some people, they say it allows them to eat the foods they crave and still see results….. Here’s my problem. When did it become healthy to eat a bag of skittles and ice cream every day? Is that really going to fuel your body sufficiently? Is it going to make you feel energised? The answer, I feel, is no. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having the odd pizza as a treat. To make changes to our bodies, from both the inside and out, we should be selecting cleaner food choices to eat the majority of the time in our daily diet.

  4. Fat will make you fat

    ‘Avocado has lots of fat in doesn’t it?’ Yes it does actually. Is that a bad thing… No way! It’s a common misconception that the female slimming brands have bombarded us with over the past years, that low fat diets are the way forward. Some would still lead us to believe that starting the day with a low fat, high carbohydrate cereal is the way to go. Thankfully, most now are starting to cotton on that eating fat won’t make you fat. Simply choose your fats wisely. Nuts, eggs, oily fish, some cheeses, avocado and coconut oil are all excellent choices. See my previous blog post about how I love to start my day with a meal containing fats and protein.

   5. Lifting weights will make you bulky

Now in 2016 I reckon most women are aware that lifting weights won’t make them bulky. However some still seem to be sceptical. Countless studies now have shown that women who do resistance training are stronger, leaner and healthier than those who don’t. If you follow my Instagram page @Sophie_aris, you’ll know that doing it has completely transformed my body composition… And, I don’t look like Arnie.

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