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Girlpower Q&A!

17th May 2016

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I was completely overwhelmed by the whole Bodypower Expo weekend. Meeting so many people who have been inspired to change their lifestyle because of my journey to finding fitness was just incredible.

Many came to watch two seminars with myself and bikini Athlete, Imogen Parfitt. We answered lots of different questions ranging from our diet and training, to subjects we talk about less like our personal thoughts on social media.

Because there has been such a positive response from so many that attended the seminars, I wanted to share with you a selection of the questions I got asked and the (shortened) answers I gave…

How did you start your journey?

I was approached around three years ago by a personal trainer whilst I was on a stationary bike in the gym. I’d been on it for about 20 minutes, pedalling at a steady state and not breaking a sweat. The PT said to me ‘what are you doing?’ and offered to take me round the weights area.

What does your typical daily diet consist of?

I like to start my day with protein, fats and greens. I find it actually makes me feel more energised, less bloated and keeps me fuller for longer. I try and eat at regular intervals throughout the day, around every 3 hours and around 5/6 meals/snacks. Post training I eat a meal consisting of protein and carbs, if I have prepped a meal it will be lean meat with either sweet potato or rice. However if I’m on the go I usually grab a protein shake and rice cakes.

How long does it take to notice a difference?

For me, it took about a month of following a nutrition and training plan consistently to notice an obvious change. That doesn’t mean though that in a month I completely transformed through. To build lean muscle mass, lose fat and dramatically improve my overall body composition took around 2 years. It takes consistency over time, patience and a lot of hard work to achieve big changes.

What is your training regime?

This is similar to my nutrition plan; it changes depending if I’m close to a competition. Right now I’m focusing on strength as my calories have increased. I normally split muscle groups in each weight training session, for example back and biceps, glutes and hamstrings. Each programme takes no longer than an hour to complete. At the moment I am doing three LISS cardio sessions a week and two 10 minute HIIT blasts post weights training.

How important is it to have a coach?

I would say having a coach is advisable if you’re just starting on your journey and are clueless about training and nutrition. I would also recommend getting one if you struggle with motivation or if you find you’ve reached a plateau. Do your research before selecting a coach though, each one will have a different style of coaching and idea of what programme to give you. You need to go with someone who understands you and your lifestyle.

How do you stay motivated?

Competing absolutely isn’t for everyone but having a personal goal to keep focused is essential in my view to keep motivation high. Try taking regular progress pictures to monitor your changes, plan a special event, focus on a holiday or even book a photoshoot!

How did you get sponsored?

I was approached by my sponsors because of the activity/ following/ posts on my Instagram page. I would say to anyone looking to get sponsored is to be yourself. No company/brand is going to want a clone of anyone else, they want someone who is real and approachable. Try networking with people within the fitness industry. Trust me, it’s very small once you’re in it!

Do you think social media can be negative?

There are many positives aspects about social media but also many negatives. Through a single image we can almost make up a fantasy story about another person’s life. What I hope others can remember is that it is only a picture, the image might have been highly filtered or not even taken from that particular day. This is the reason why I love Snapchat and blogging because it gives more of an insight into the real person behind the picture.

What advice would you give yourself now when you started?

Believe in yourself and you will achieve your dreams…

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