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Get you meal prep on!

11th January 2016

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I actually really enjoy meal prepping. But if your goal is to try and lose weight, build lean muscle mass or just to track what you’re eating daily, it’s essential to do in my view.

Here’s my easy tips to help you get started!

  1. Work out what macros you’re trying to hit…

    I’ll go into macros in more depth in another post very soon, however you can find ‘macro calculators’ online. Often I like to estimate a starting point and tailor it from there depending on my progress. The key thing to remember is consistency. I would recommend following a nutrition plan for at least 2 weeks before making changes.

  2. Make MyFitnessPal your friend…

    If you haven’t downloaded the MyFitnessPal App do it today! It’s easy to work out exactly what you’re eating as well as giving you instant nutritional information including the calorie and macro breakdown.

  3. Save the pennies…

    Contrary to popular belief, eating clean can be inexpensive. I try and make two to three days’ worth of meals, cook in bulk and store them in the fridge. I don’t know about you but I just don’t have the will to eat soggy veg that has been defrosted!

  4. Get your thinking cap on….

    For super speedy meal prep, getting properly prepared is a vital. Write a list and get everything out you are going to need.

  5. Weigh it out…

    You can look at the packet if you want but I find it easier to just use weighing scales. Especially when it comes to ingredients like rice, it’s much easier to get the exact amount and it doesn’t require much brain power try to use your maths skills!

  6. Let’s do it….

    I always start by setting out the Tupperware boxes into days and putting the meat or fish in the oven. You might prefer a different way to begin; it all depends on how you work best.

  7. Practice makes perfect…

    Like anything, it takes practice to perfect meal prepping. Keep at it and you’ll become a food prep whiz in no time!

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