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Focus on your own journey....

12th March 2016

When I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by a journalist asking for a story on my transformation and journey to finding fitness, it did take me a bit of time to agree to it.

As females, we can all get very hung up on weight. Although I have clearly lost a significant amount of weight from my starting point, what I wanted the article to focus on more was about my change of mind set. To show how my journey to finding fitness also dramatically increased my confidence, motivation and drive to succeed. This particular part of my ‘transformation’ is why I set up ‘The Way to Glow’. So it would act as another platform and community to inform and inspire women.

As a society I know we are extremely judgemental. Although I received an overwhelming amount of positive messages from the article, I was shocked at how horrible comments were from complete strangers. I was confused at how people who don’t follow me and have never met me felt the need to make attacks on my personal appearance. Some of the comments included my ‘deranged face’, having ‘way too much muscle’, that I ‘look like a man’, my ‘lollipop head’, that I’m ‘fake’ and ‘self-absorbed’….The list goes on.

I have learnt over the last few years not to let any knock backs or general negativity affect me, but obviously I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t say it wasn’t very pleasant for me or my family to read. The worst part of all was that these comments were mostly from other women!

This fellow female bashing I experienced from the article, combined with what I have read recently on various social media pages, has been what has prompted me to speak out.

Now you may be thinking…. I wouldn’t dream of writing something so hateful online. Yes, I get that is extreme and you may well never do that. But let’s be honest, we’ve all be critical or judgemental of another female at one point or another haven’t we.

I believe the key thing we should remind ourselves of everyday before judging another is….

Criticising others will not make us feel better about ourselves; it will only serve to highlight our own insecurities.

We seem to live in a culture, fuelled by the media, which lead us to believe its ok to criticise women based purely on what they look like. I’m sure we all have had a comment made to us in the past, whether or not it’s been meant with intent to be hurtful, that has stayed with us long after it was made. Let’s all try to empower each other to be strong, confident and secure in our own bodies. You never know what battles another person may be facing, how far they have come mentally, or their long term story.

Try to be kind….Always.

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