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Clean & colourful summer wrap...

17th July 2016

This delicious open wrap makes for a perfect, light summer lunch. Try out the clean and colourful little number for yourself!


Gluten Free Quinoa & chia wrap (From the Tesco/ Morrisons 'Free from' aisle)

100g Turkey steak

30g Feta

30g Avocado

Salad toppings: Sweet pepper, cherry tomatoes, handful spinach, chopped green beans & cucumber

I popped the wrap on a baking tray to warm on a low temperature in the oven for 5 minutes. Once out the oven add the salad ingredients first and top with the rest of the ingredients.

Top tip: If you fancy a dressing, try adding a drizzle of balsamic vinegar

Macros: 31P/ 19C/ 15F/ 346Kcals

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