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Be a morning person....

7th February 2016

I’ve got to admit it; I’ve always been kind of a morning person. Yes I know, one of those annoying individuals that wants to strike up an in-depth conversation on waking. But I totally get that some people really struggle! I am a huge advocate though of training in the morning. For me personally, I know it not only makes me feel energised and clears my mind, but it also helps me maintain consistency in my training which is essential in order to make good progress. If I work out in the morning I know whatever work/ life throws at me in the day, it’s one less thing to worry about.

Getting up an hour earlier may seem like a daunting task at first, but I promise you it’s worth it.These are my own top tips to give you a helping hand...

  1. Prepare the night before…

    By that I mean get EVERYTHING ready. Even down to putting coffee granules in your mug to go in the morning. Ensure you pack your gym bag, lay out your clothes and put your trainers by the front door.

  2. Get an early night….

    I like to relax the evening before with a cup of herbal tea or a big mug of hot water with fresh lemon and ginger. You could even try having an Epsom salt bath or reading a good book in bed.

  3. Don’t snooze when your alarm goes off….

    The longer you lie in bed for, the longer you have to make excuses why you can’t get up to workout… Just bite the bullet and get up first time!

  4. Bring a friend…

    Struggling to get motivated? Try inviting a friend or even book yourself onto a class. Anything that helps you stay accountable.

  5. Choose something you enjoy…

    If you set yourself a goal to run for an hour each morning and hate running…. Guess what? You won’t stick to it. I love lifting weights, but sometimes I prefer to put on some killer music and sweat it out on the stair master. It’s important to do what works for you.

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