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.....And Relax

17th January 2016

We all live busy lives. I know what it’s like to fill the day by rushing around from the moment of waking up to the time of going to bed. Work, training and general ‘stuff’ can take up so much time and before you know it you’ve hardly had a minute to sit down and reflect. At the end of last year, following many months of overdoing it and ignoring an injury, I became stressed and rundown. Many of your goals this year will be to get to the gym regular or to simply train more often. My personal target is actually to do the opposite. This year I aim to train less and take time out to reflect, relax and rest.

So in the spirit of the new year, I am going to take action. I have started to incorporate some new activities into my weekly programme designed to benefit my trainingbut more importantly, my overall wellbeing.

Here’s how…

1. To aid recovery: rehab and glute activation.

As I previously mentioned, I’ve been carrying an injury on my left leg/hip for a while. I am the first to admit I’m guilty of going through the motions of training at times, ignoring any slight niggles. Because of this, I’ve been making time for regular physiotherapy sessions which is helping the problem. Seeing my physio has also led me to begin my training sessions with 'activation' exercises. Thera-bands are all the rage at the moment. In a post coming soon, I will share lots of different ways in which I use them.

2. For enjoyment: Yoga.

I used to love going to a regular Yoga class to de-stress and relax. I also found that the improved flexibility helped enormously to my weight training sessions. I’m excited to go to my first session this week!

3.To be kind to myself: joining a gym with a gorgeous spa.

Maybe being a member of 3 gyms is slightly excessive, but I do spend a lot of my time in them! Last year I would've never considered going to the sauna or jacuzzi after training to relax. I normally allocate an hour at the weekend for this vital relaxing time and to give myself a chance to reflect on the week ahead.

Training is obviously really important and much of the time, we can’t help our lives being super busy. This week though, try to schedule a period of relaxation like you would a meeting. Remember it’s only resting that allows your body to truly repair and recover.

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